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Aug 13, 2010

I recognize Armenian Genocide !

U.S., Israel to recognize Armenian Genocide by 100th anniversary

August 12, 2010 | 13:26

U.S. and Israel will recognize the Armenian Genocide by the 100th anniversary of the crime committed in the Ottoman Empire (that is within next five years), head of the Jewish community of Armenia Rimma Varzhapetyan told the reporters.

She also stated that the Knesset will once again consider the issue in the near future. There are many educated and honest MPs in the Knesset who are ready to acknowledge Genocide to show humanism but not just to anger Turkey, she added. Varzhapetyan noted that one should not link Genocide recognition with recently deteriorated Israeli-Turkish relations. She emphasized that the Jewish community of Armenia is engaged in the problem and has already sent a relevant letter to the Israeli parliamentarians.

Commenting on the reasons why Israel has not recognized the Armenian Genocide so far, Varzhapetyan pointed out political and psychological ones. “Turkey is the only Muslim country having friendly ties with Israel, whereas Genocide recognition will definitely affect these relations. Naturally, Tel-Aviv fears such an outcome. From psychological viewpoint, the Jewish people consider their tragedy unique. In fact, Genocide and Holocaust are different crimes, taking into account the number of victims and historical developments,” she stressed. Despite Israel’s official stance, Israeli people acknowledge the Armenian Genocide, she added. According to her, Israel is a democratic state and people’s opinion might play a key role while making state decisions.

I recognize Armenian Genocide !
And I'm so ashamed !!!


Will said...

Hi Alex!Great news !Finally after so many years ,a great step for humanity and justice!I recognise this already a very long time!

Alexander Münch said...

There is wonderful Armenian community in Jerusalem. I heard that there are still living witnesses "since then"...

I'm so ashamed !!!