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Aug 17, 2010

A&J 21 !

This week's family birthdays

A&J 21 !
Jonathan Munch turns 21 on August 17.
Amnon Munch turns 21 on August 17.
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Will said...

Hi Alex.
Being again 21 and knowing what we know now ,what wouldn't we give for this?lol
And the way the girls are these days.These young guys don't know how lucky they are.You have great sons Alex.

Alexander Münch said...

Thank you Will !

I saw a beautiful tomb stone in the famous cemetery in Genoa - Italy.
It says:-
"I learned and studied all my life and now I'm lying here in front of you, stupid and total ignorant !"

You keep the wisdom, ( you can have mine too...), just give me the time !!!

Always On Watch said...

Congratulations to you and your sons!

Oh, to be 21 again!

Will said...

Hi Alex.
Am i mistaking or is that Barack"They don't trust me cause off my middle name"Obama's logo on the Pepsi Cola bottles?
OMG! lambshops with Cola that's probably against the human rights charter?

Will said...

Hi Alex.
What concerns the top picture do you hear it?..............the silence!No Obama demanding an international inquiery ,no UN demanding an explaination from Turkey nothing except the silence of the cowardly!

Alexander Münch said...

Yeh, The "ARMENIAN SILENCE' is much more defining !!!

Turkey & Pakistan just signed a "Friendship Pact".
Where is the Turkish "Humanitarian Flotilla" today.
Ah, I forgot ! The victims are Pakis not Palis !! Dig it ?
And the Zionist connection to the mud floods are yet to be investigated be Goldstone !

The Merry Widow said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your 2 brave, good looking sons!
May they have a VERY good year and be a joy to you!


midnight rider said...

Happy Birthday to them!

My wife and I are married 25 years. . .

On August 17!