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Aug 5, 2010

International Community ! . . . WHAT IS THIS ???

The International Community Must Condemn Attacks on Israel

For years many in the international community have remained silent when rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians, and when unprovoked attacks have been launched against our soldiers.

Expressions of outrage have largely been reserved for Israel's response to those attacks.

Firing missiles on civilians is a war crime, and unprovoked attacks on soldiers are blatant acts of aggression.

Israel expects the international community to condemn such attacks in the strongest possible terms.

All those in the international community committed to peace should support Israel's right to defend itself against those who attack the innocent and seek to destroy peace.


BIBI, my dear Prime-Minister !

I expect from YOU ! - To order the IDF to attack in the strongest possible ways the M/F's from the north and blast the shit out of their skulls!

I FORBID YOU TO APPROACH those in the "international community committed to peace" and beg for their support for Israel's right to defend itself !

Bla ...Bla..Bla... etc !.

CAPISH ! ??? . . .

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex.
Sigh the truth is we can't change the political game only hope that the politicians realise soon enough what game is being played and change the pens for missiles!