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May 15, 2011

View from Syria.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is the national official news agency in Syria. It was established in 1965. It is linked to the Ministry of Information and has its headquarters in Damascus.

The Agency provides full coverage of local, Arab and international events based on balanced, objective approach. It is always matching up with the latest developments in news agencies work.

SANA performs its work through a highly-qualified staff at its Damascus-based headquarters and reporters at all state ministries and institutions, as well as offices in all of the 14 Syrian governorates.

The Agency also has offices in Beirut, Paris, Moscow, Jordan, Tehran, Kuwait, Cairo, Libya, Rome and Turkey. There are approximately 43 correspondents in other Arab and foreign countries all over the world.

Israeli occupation army opens live fire onSyrian, Palestinian, Lebanese civilian demonstrators on al-Nakba Day

May 15,2011

QUNEITRA, BEIRUT, GAZA (SANA) - Israeli occupation army on Sunday opened live fire on Syrian, Palestinian, Lebanese civilian demonstrators who were marking the 63rd anniversary of al-Nakba Day. A number of civilian demonstrators were martyred, hundreds others wounded, scores of them in critical conditions.
Two citizens were martyred and 170 others wounded in the Israeli occupation forces attacks on citizens in Ein al-Tineh in Quneitra province and Majdal Shams in the Occupied Syrian Golan. Director of Martyr Mamdouh Abaza Hospital in Quneitra, Ali Kana'an, said the two martyrs, Ahmad al-Madani and Bashar Ali al-Shehabi from al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus, were already dead when they reached the hospital as they were injured from live fire.


Kana'an pointed out that al-Madani, 18 years old, was martyred due to a gunshot in the heart, and that al-Shehabi, who is in his forties, was shot in the face.

An oratorical festival was held in Ein al-Tineh to mark al-Nakba Day, with participants denouncing the racist Israeli occupation policies and stressing the need to end occupation and adhere to the right to return.

In Gaza, one Palestinian was martyred and 160 were wounded when the Israeli occupation army opened fire on rallies commemorating the 63rd anniversary of al-Nakba Day. Palestinian sources also said that dozens of Palestinians were injured by Israeli artillery fire that targeted areas near Beit Hanoun crossing point north of Gaza Strip and near Kalandia crossing point in occupied Jerusalem.


Palestine News & Info Agency (WAFA) quoted Spokesman of the Higher Commission of Relief and Emergency in Gaza Adham Abu Salmiye as saying that relief crew transported more than 80 injured people to Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, and that one of the injured was in critical condition.

In the West Bank, more than 80 Palestinians were inured near Kalandia crossing point in occupied Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation army's gunfire, while the towns of Salwan south of al-Aqsa Mosque and al-Isawiya and Shaafat Camp witnessed Israeli assaults against Palesitnian youths since Sunday morning.

The Israeli occupation authorities imposed a military blockade on Sunday morning on the West Bank on the pretense of fearing altercations between Palestinians and occupation forces after the announcement of several protests in Palestine on occasion of al-Nakba Day.


WAFA reported that the Israeli occupation army deployed around 10,000 members of its security forces and raised the state of alert among its police, with the army setting up more blockades at the entrances of towns in Jerusalem and in main and side roads which impeded the movement of students.

Israeli occupation intelligence, police and border police forces raided the old city in Jerusalem on Friday and arrested dozens in the area of Bab Hatta near al-Aqsa Mosque. Meanwhile, Lebanon's National News Agency reported that 10 people were martyred and 56 injured after the Israeli occupation forces opened fire at Palestinian demonstrators in Maroun al-Ras area in southern Lebanon, and that some of inured are in critical condition.


The demonstrators gathered in front of the border fence between Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories to marking the 63rd anniversary of al-Nakba Day.The injured people were transported to hospitals inSour and Bint Jbeil.The Israeli forces deployed tanks and military vehicles that were positioned in the fields opposite Maroun al-Ras area, Lebanon's National News Agency reported, adding that heavy gunfire was heard near where the Lebanese and Palestinians were gathering.

Head of the First Aid Arab Union Society Mohammad Gharabli said the occupation forces arrested the first-aid man Ja'afar Hamdan after beating him, adding that the Israeli soldiers are preventing the ambulance staff, cameramen and journalists from reaching the area. Israeli military helicopters violated Lebanese airspace and flew over the occupied Palestinian lands opposite Maroun al-Ras.


Lebanese Army: 10 Martyred, 112 Wounded in Marounal-Ras

The Lebanese Army stated that despite its strictprecautions, the Israeli occupation forces opened fire on the gathering in Maroun al-Ras area, martyring 10 and wounding 112, some of which are in critical condition. The Lebanese Army was placed in full alert and coordinated with international forces to prevent the enemy from continuing to target the crowds and violate Lebanese sovereignty.

Sleiman: Bolstering Arab Solidarity to Confront Israel's Plots

In a similar statement issued earlier, Sleiman affirmed that the Israeli enemy could never undo the injustice it committed against the Palestinian people who are still struggling for their internationally-acknowledged just rights.

In a statement issued by the Media Office of the Lebanese Presidency on occasion of al-Nakba Day, Sleiman said that developments proved the futility of the Israeli aggressive option, which calls for the international community to exert new efforts to find a comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause.


Sleiman called for bolstering Arab solidarity to confront Israeli plots, condemning the criminal Israeli practices against innocent civilians in Southern Lebanon, the Golan and Palestine, which led to the martyring of dozens of civilians and the wounding of hundreds.

Mikati: Israel's Aggression a Statement to International Community that Says Israel is Above Reproach and Condemnation

Lebanese Designate Prime Minister Najib Mikati denounced the Israeli aggressive practices and massacres against unarmed protestors, saying that through these actions, Israel wanted to relay a message to the international community that it is above reproach, accountability and denouncement.

Mikati called on Palestinians to strengthen their reconciliation in the face of the conspiracy against the Palestinian cause.

Several other figures, including MP Hussein al-Musawi, Deputy Chairman of the Islamic Shiite Council Abdelamir Qabalan and Speaker of the Arab Parliament Ali Salem al-Dekbasi affirmed that Palestine is the central Arab cause and that resistance, calling for supporting the Palestinian people to reclaim their just and legitimate rights.


The thousands participating in the popular festival in the town of Maroun al-Ras affirmed the Palestinian people's adherence to their rights, including the right to return which is the basis of the Palestinian cause.

Arab League Condemns Israeli Crimes against Civilians in Golan, Palestine, Southern Lebanon

The Arab League strongly condemned the Israeli occupation's crimes against Arab demonstrators in Golan, Palestine and Southern Lebanon who were commemorating al-Nakba Day.

AL Assistant Secretary General fir Palestine and Occupied Arab Lands Affairs, Ambassador Mohammad Sbeih, decried the occupation's forces aggression and opening fire against unarmed civilians in Maroun al-Ras, the occupied Syrian Golan, Beit Hanoun and the West Bank.

Sbeih said that the events taking place on the anniversary of al-Nakba Day prove that the Palestinian cause is returning to its proper place in the conscience of the Arab youth, adding that the message being to directed to Israel today is that force and fait accompli policies cannot give it the right to Jerusalem or any other inch of Palestinian land.


Egypt Voices Full Support of Palestinian People's Rightto Defend Their Cause

In a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi, Egypt voiced its full support of the Palestinian people's right to defend their cause, saying that Israel's oppression of peaceful demonstrations shows that it doesn't understand the changes taking place in the region.

Al-Arbai held Israel full responsibility for the deterioration of the situation in the occupied Palestinian lands, demanding that it deal with peaceful demonstration within the context of international law and human rights.

UNIFIL Commander in Southern Lebanon: Events in Maroun al-Ras are Grave

In a statement, Force Commander of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Major-General Alberto Asarta, described the events that took place in Maroun al-Ras and the Israeli forces' attack against Lebanese and Palestinian civilians as grave, calling for exerting self-control to prevent any more injuries and affirming that UNFIL will maintain its presence to support the Lebanese Armed Forces.

R. Raslan/ H. Said/ Mazen / H. Sabbagh

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