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May 25, 2011

Debbie Schlussel

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May 19, 2011, - 7:24 pm

Obama’s Israel 1967 “Borders”: What Jordanian/”Palestinians” Did to Pre-1967 Jewish & Christian Graves, Churches

By Debbie Schlussel

Earlier today, I discussed the Palestinian/Jordanian Muslim desecration of Jewish and Christian graves when they had control of the land that Barack Hussein Obama wants Israel to retreat from. Here’s what his cherished “pre-1967 borders” looked like when the Jordanians/”Palestinians” controlled and destroyed the place. These photos, from the pamphlet, “Desecration,” show how Israel found various Jewish and Christian graves and relics of churches and synagogues desecrated and otherwise deliberately damaged and destroyed by the Muslims. There is page after page, and I’m only posting a few examples, below. We must never return to those “pre-1967″ lines. Never.

Muslims Made Jewish Gravestones into Toilets . . .

Rabbi Abraham Nigrin of Jerusalem Discovers Muslims Made His Mother’s Tombstone into a Sidewalk . . .

Muslim Caretaker of Mount of Olives Cemetery, Sadar Khalil, Built His House Out of Jewish Gravestones . . .

The steps to a Jordanian officer’s house . . .

Muslims Destroyed Churches and Made Part of Them Into Buildings & Walls . . .

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