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May 28, 2011

A schoolbus driver !


This one realy hates to be a schoolbus driver !

Shocking Video Shows Teacher Beating Pupils
Shocking footage of a teacher beating young pupils at an Egyptian school has emerged - prompting the arrest of the tutor involved.


The man, named in Egypt as Magdi el-Shaar, is shown apparently marking the children's homework before hitting them with a ruler.

He is reported to have blamed the country's revolution earlier this year for his actions, understood to have taken place at a centre in the city of Kafr Shukr, in Gharbiya state.

Video of the disturbing scenes - which have already been viewed by thousands after being posted online - captures pupils screaming in pain and attempting to avoid the blows.

More than 10 children, all aged under 10, are seen being abused.

Beating and corporal punishment are the best means for disciplining children especially after the January 25 revolt.

Magdi el-Shaar's alleged reason for the beatings

Police said the man was arrested and questioned by local prosecutors and the centre closed down upon the orders of the minister of social solidarity.

El-Shaar allegedly told prosecutors: "Beating and corporal punishment are the best means for disciplining children especially after the January 25 revolt."

The teacher can be seen smiling during his assaults, with one girl dressed in pink receiving a particularly sickening beating as he repeatedly hits her and pulls her hair.

In the background, at least one other man can be heard laughing at the scenes, which were filmed by an unknown veiled female worker at the centre.

Uploaded on May 15 the video finishes with the shot panning round to reveal two more adults who have been watching.

Newspapers in Egypt say the ministry of social solidarity will decide whether to re-open the centre or keep it closed depending on the results of an investigation.

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Always On Watch said...

I watched the entire video.

Overall, this man seems to punish the girls more severely than he punishes the boys.

No surprise there! Islam = misogyny

Alexander Münch said...


I vowed a long time ago, that who ever does this kind of things to my kids,
I will ... oh, NO !
It is unprintable ! ( Not even on my Blog ! )

Besides, it's a wove !