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May 14, 2011


Thousands of people have gathered in Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, rallying for different causes. Activists had called for a mass show of unity on Friday, a weekafter 15 people were killed in sectarian violence in the country. But many of those gathered in the square were there to show their support for Palestinian unity, ahead of "Nakba day", marking the creation of the state of Israel and displacement of thousands of Palestinians.Demonstrators also celebrated the reconciliation deal signed recently between Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian factions.

Tens of thousands of Egyptians gathered at Cairo’s Tahrir Square Friday ahead of “Nakba Day,” which will be marked by the “Palestinians” in two days to commemorate the “disaster” inherent in the State of Israel’s establishment. (H/T ZIP)

Egyptian authorities closed today (Friday) the Sinai Peninsula crossings fearing that protesters against peace with Israel in Cairo will march toward the peninsula, the French news agency reported. State official reported that "Peace Bridge", the main path is blocked from the African continent crossing to Sinai, but the residents of the peninsula and the security forces have raised an alert for the "Nakba Day" specified on Sunday. Thousands of people filled the afternoon of the Egyptian capital's Tahrir Square chanted slogans against the peace agreement signed in 1979. Similar scenes occurred in the Jordanian capital, Amman and the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

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