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Dec 5, 2010

They want to burn Tivon as well !!!

Lebanese Muslim Student - "We Should Burn The Jews Like Hitler Did"

In addition to the Great Fire on Mt. Caramel, fires also started in Kiryat Tivon

Please be aware and report any case of fire and/or smell of smoke:
Emergency = 106,
Headquarters of the Council = 9539267,
Security officer = 052-4705151

Fire fighters and police, aided by volunteers from the local council and residents were able to overcome the fire and prevent a disaster. It is suspected that the fires are "man made".

Parallel to the Great Fire frenzy on Mt. Caramel, a fire in a wadi near the streets of Gordon and Golomb in Kiryat Tivon, was lit on Friday at 13:15 or so.

The fire threatened to spread to the National Park of "Beit Shearim" and there was also damage to the residents of adjacent streets. The residents were evacuated by the Municipal Council to the near by high school.

Quick response of the firefighters, assisted by many volunteers and aircraft, managed to control the fire and turn it off completely after about 40 minutes. Security sources said that findings show a suspected arson.

Mayor - David Arieli: "The speedy response of the Municipality's fire department, prevented a disaster. I want to thank to our wonderful volunteers, Tivon's youth, and the 'Jeepers Unit' who helped."

A few hours later, at 21:00, another fire started in Kiryat Tivon. This time in Wadi under the 'Sharet' street.

Volunteer-observer, noticed the fire and called the troops who put the fire out quickly.

These event, was the last of Thursday's afternoon four different arsons, it lit a fire in the woods near Kiryat Tivon, between Nofit and the village of Hilf. Here too, the Tivon Council, sent its employees accompanied by emergency fire-cart and led by the security officer of the Council - Eli Ziv. Tivon's volunteers and the 'Jeepers' were there helping the firefighters to get to the fire.

Following these events, David Ariely called an emergency meeting attended by managers of the Council, police, the Jeeper's representatives, youth movement & community centers, and members of the Assembly. Following the meeting it was decided:

• To reinforce the observations and motorized patrols in Tivon and the near by villages.
• To open an emergency room in the Municipality Building and staff it 24/7.
• To publish a notice calling on residents to be alert and report any incident or suspicion.

In addition, the mayor announced, "I intend to conduct a thorough and quick inspection as to the Municipality's readiness to fire disasters and shall report it to the Council plenary session on Sunday."

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