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Dec 2, 2010

Chappy Chanukah Kinderlach!

35*41'46.93"N---- 51*19'7.96"E

Ahmadinejad and his antisemitic cronies are fuming with anger after discovering the Star of David on the roof of Iran Air headquarters at Tehran's airport. The building was originally built by Israeli engineers prior to the the Islamic Revolution.

Nobody noticed the Jewish symbol until someone found it in Google Maps. The building—which hosts their national airline at the Mehrabad International Airport—was built by Israeli engineers before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The star has been hidden in plain sight for more than four decades now.

It won't stay there for much longer. According to The Jerusalem Post, Iranian government officials have already ordered its destruction. [Google Maps via Jerusalem Post]

JHY said...

Best wishes to all who celebrate Hanukkah Wisdom, love & peace
Happy & Blessed Hanukkah celebration to you Pamela

Ha,Ha,Ha! Hi,Hi,Hi! Hu, Hu,Hu!

The architect's name is Eng. Stuxman!...

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