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Dec 18, 2010

Iranian general in Israel !

Via Rotter

Iranian General’s Wife Accuses Turkish Intelligence of Collaborating With Mossad in 2007 Kidnapping

Ali Reza Asgari's family protests his incarceration, outside Turkish embassy in Teheran

..." A week ago, I reported that an Israeli source revealed that the retired Iranian general and deputy defense minister was being held incommunicado in Ayalon Prison, which confirms 2009 claims by the Iranian government and the current protests of his wife that he is in an Israeli prison. I can now reveal that the story came to me from a political source close to the inner circle of Ehud Barak. Given that the latter is the defense minister, a figure who would be privy to the type of information exposed in this report, this adds credibility to the report. "...

Read the whole story HERE

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