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Dec 4, 2010

They want to burn ME alive !

Fire fighters on their way to Kiryat Tivon.
Forest have been set on fire. 5/12/2010 06:46

Punks from Daliat El Caramel blinded with laser beams - police helicopter

Update: Police arrested two youths for blinding the helicopter's pilot.
They confiscated the laser. 5/12/2010 00:29

Natural forest fire started at several centers in Nazareth

16:42 04/12/2010

Another fire began in Nazareth, near Route 77, south of Beit Rimon Junction. Natural wood burning raging in several locations. Police are investigating the case, and check for suspected arson. (News 10)

Two brothers from Isfiya, arrested on suspicion of negligence causing the "Mega fire" on Mt. Carmel.

Two suspected of negligence that led to the huge fires on Mt. Caramel were arrested, and taken for questioning. The two are brothers from Isfiya.
Coast Region police commander, Brigadier General Roni Atiya, updated the journalists on the development and said that the investigation team continues to work on and made great efforts in recent days.
He added that the main effort now is directed to the Caramel communities in Nir Etzion, Ein Hod Yemin Orde Boarding School, and asked the residents of these communities not to return to their homes.

JNF Director:- This year,there were 1620 forest fires. 70 percent of them due to arson !
This is ecological INTIFADA !

Now ( 14:46 ), there are 20 fires in Israel CAUSED BY ARSON !!!

Russian TV :Israel - Burning forests attacked from the air

Residents took over a fire near Kiryat Tivon,
arson suspected

By: Kobi Mandell, Walla! News

Saturday, 4 December 2010, 13:53

Fire broke out at noon (Saturday) in an open area between the settlements of Kiryat Tivon and Nofit.
Local residents were able to control the flames.
Fire investigator arrived on the scene to check whether arson is suspected.

Fire erupts in northern Bedouin village;
police suspect arson

Published: 12.04.10, 09:27 / Israel News

A fire erupted near the northern Bedouin village of Basmat Tab'un. No injuries or damage were reported. Police suspect arson. (Ahiya Raved)

3/12/2010 Three new ( simultaneous ! ) bush fires.

Basmat Tab'un ( ; ) is a Bedouin local council in the North District of Israel. It was declared as a local council in 1965. According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) it had a population of 6,300 in 2006, with a growth rate of 3.3%. The majority of the
citizens of Basmat Tab'un are Bedouin Muslims.

( No arrests so far ! A.M. )

2 - Kfar Tikva
Kfar Tikva was founded in 1964 as an institution for mentally retarded adults. The idea was to found a permanent home and work place for people with moderate or slight mental retardation, while assuring parents that their children would be looked after for the rest of their lives.
Since the mid-1970s the Village has been evolving into a community based on the Israeli kibbutz model. Part of this change included encouraging members to participate in the administration of the Village, and to be actively involved in all of the decision-making concerning their personal and social lives.The Village serves a population classified as suffering from Minimal Brain Dysfunction, or as being slightly or moderately mentally retarded. Managed by a staff of about 76, including 15 social workers, Kfar Tikva currently has 145 men and women residents aged 18 and over, from all over Israel and all segments of society. In addition, some 25 people live singly or as couples in the thriving, adjacent town of Tivon, making use of Kfar Tikvas services.

( The residents were evacuated ! A.M. )

3 - Alexander Zaid

On a hilltop overlooking the Jezreel Valley is a bronze statue of Alexander Zaid on horseback sculpted by David Polus.[7] Givat Zaid and Beit Zaid were named after him.

( The Bronze statue was pulled down two months ago by Arabs using a truck in order to sell the metal ! They just forgot to bring the proper cutting tool to cut the ton and half bronze beast ... A.M. ).

Last night fire fighters handled arsons in :-

Kiryat Tivon, Bat Shlomo, Adi, Ma'alot, Sha'ab, Nazareth, Hoshaya, Beit Shemesh, Abu Gosh, Moshav Mata, Mishmar Ha-Negev and more !...

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