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Nov 8, 2010

Zionists behind Crimes on Our Lady of Deliverance Church

Hizbullah Condemns Crimes on Our Lady of Deliverance Church in Baghdad, Baptist Church in Al Quds, Says Zionists behind
Local Translator

Commenting on the crime committed targeting the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah strictly condemns the terrorist crime which targeted Sayyidat Al Najat -Our Lady of Deliverance- Church in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, which resulted in tens of victims, some of which were worshippers in the Church.

Hizbullah also condemns what the Archeological Baptist Church in Al Quds (Jerusalem) was subjected to on the hands of Zionist extremists, and considers these crimes to be part of what the Islamic and Christian sanctities are facing in the occupied territories.

In the same context, Hizbullah also considers that this region has never witnessed such a heinous crime, where it had always been a land of meeting, forgiveness, and coexistence, until the US occupation came to Iraq, and triggered incitements and sectarian conflicts.

Hizbullah further believes that the malicious Zionist enemy is clearly behind this crime, in reference to the Zionist scheme in dividing the region into rival entities and peoples in order to impose its dominance.

Hizbullah further condemns this crime, where it expresses condolence with the victims and their families, and calls upon the Iraqi people to cooperate, stand in one line and confront the murders, expose them, and present them in court.

Hizbullah Media Relations 01-11-2010

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