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Nov 7, 2010

Who is Reza Kahlili ?

Take It From Me: Iran Will Bomb Israel

Iranian government will use the nuclear bomb against Israel, they will use it against Persian Gulf countries, and they will use it against Europe to bring about that last hadith (Islamic commentaries on sayings and activities of Mohammed and his companions) that calls for total chaos, lawlessness, and havoc in the world, which creates the circumstance for Imam Mahdi (the Islamic messianic figure) to appear.

I experienced their ideology first hand when the radical Islamist began their oppression of the Iranians and expanded their terror network to being about the demise of Israel and America, circumstances which led me to become a CIA spy betraying my own country in order to save it.

I grew up in Tehran in an upper-middle class family. Educated in the United States in the early 1970’s – like many Iranians during that dramatic time – returned to Iran after the Islamic revolution of 1979 to help build my country.

During the Shah’s era it was a very open society. Muslims, Christians, and Jews enjoyed each other, the community was a happy community, and everybody was free to pursue their goals and take advantage of opportunities provided.

But discontent brewed in the society. The only thing lacking at that time was political freedom, freedom of speech. That was the weakness of the Shah. Perhaps we didn’t understand the limitations of the era we were living in, but people wanted more.

When the revolution took place with overwhelming public support, I believed it would increase freedom and democracy amongst the people. I decided to return to Iran. At the recommendation of my childhood friend, I joined the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

I became disillusioned when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s regime veered sharply away from the westernized country the Shah had fashioned, becoming a stern Islamic republic with a theocratic constitution. The brutality with which the Supreme Leader’s dictates were carried out was horrifying.

Once they gathered young kids – 15, 16, 17 years old – in the courtyard, and they picked one of them, hanged him from a tree, and mutilated him in front of the others, just to bring pain and horror into the hearts of these young people. At the prison they would rape teenage girls before they would execute them just to deny them Heaven, because, based on their ideology, a virgin who was executed would go to Heaven.

I was shocked, I was horrified, and totally heartbroken and wanted to do everything I could possibly do to bring down this vicious regime, and that’s when I decided to travel to the United States making contact with the CIA. Over the years, I passed on information on the Islamic regime’s terrorist activity, their brutality against Iranians and their ideology of destroying Israel and bringing about the demise of America and the West with the goal of raising the flag of Islam across the globe.


Today’s Iran is essentially the same as that of the Ayatollah. President Ahmadinejad portrays himself as a folk leader in the country to garner support, an Islamic leader who will bring freedom to the oppressed. The fact of the matter is that they have oppressed and suffocated, raped, tortured and killed thousands of Iranians just to stay in power. They truly believe that Allah is on their side and that they are the chosen ones to bring about the end of times when the 12th imam returns raising the flag of Islam in all corners of the world.

Despite Ahmadinejad’s fierce anti-Semitism and personal desire to eradicate Israel, the average Iranian does not hate Jews. Before the Revolution, we had many Iranians who were Jews, and there were many marriages between Muslims and Jews. The Iranians do not look at Israelis the same way as the Iranian government. The Iranian people would welcome anybody – they would welcome Israel – to help them get rid of this regime.

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