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Nov 25, 2010

Fatwa made in Israel

Ovadia Yosef slams maverick Shas MK Amsalem

"Whoever tells yeshiva boys to go to
work is lacking in faith in our Torah," rabbi says, referencing lawmaker's recent statements.

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef slammed MK Rabbi Haim Amsalem (Shas) inhis weekly Saturday night sermon, in his first public reference to the maverick lawmaker, who on Wednesday announced that he wouldn't return his mandate despite the growing animosity toward him in the party's leadership.

"There are those who speak about yeshivot, as though they were created solely for great Torah scholars who will become rabbis and rabbinical judges, and if that doesn't suit the person, he should go to work," Yosef said of Amsalem's doctrine, without naming him.

Jerusalem - The Council of Torah Sages and Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on Monday called on Shas MK Rabbi Haim Amsalem to return the mandate he received from the leader of the council and resign from the Knesset.

During a council meeting, convened specifically to discuss the issue of Amsalem and his views on yeshiva stipends and religious conversions, it was decided that if Amsalem does not resign or return the mandate, he will be considered a thief.

In the meeting, attended by all members of the council including Shas leader Eli Yishai, recent media interviews by Amsalem were heard.

According to the secretary of the council, Rabbi Raphael Pinschi, Yosef burst into tears after hearing Amsalem’s words.


P.S. - Shas MKs are NOT ELECTED ! They are NOMINATED !

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