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Nov 27, 2010

About Robotics...

About Robotics...

Obama volunteered to test the first "PAT DOWN" robot.

Obama inspects a student-built "LIE DETECTOR" robot.
In the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, just steps from the White House, a 6-foot-tall rectangular robot whirred to life. Neon balls shot from a compressed-air tube past the President.

"Uh oh," President Obama said, taking a step back. "What can this robot do?"

"This is a 'Lie Detector robot' Mr. President ," junior Steven Harris answered dryly. "It can sniff a lie from miles away !".

"Humm... Is that so?" said the president with glittering eyes. "Can I have it ? ( For National Security purposes of course... ).

Back at the White House, the President asked the 'First Daughter' for her excuse for coming back 2 hours late from school. "We were at Helens' place doing homework", Malia replayed.

The Neon lights turned from green to red and a thunder like ultrasonic 'BOOM' was heard in DC area scaring the shit out of the young lady. "No! No! - we watched a scary movie, "The Zombies are coming" !

"Good, that's better! When I was at you age, I never lied and always told only the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth !",said the President.

At that moment, strange noises came out from the robot. The red and green Neon lights went off and a blue Leaser beam aimed itself to the center of the President's face. Suddenly, his nose grew more then his arm's length!...

"Will you leave the kid alone? Stop torturing her! She is your daughter for God's sake!" came a voice from the other room.

"Michelle! You have been warned before!", the robot replayed...

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