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PAM ! Pam-para,pam-pam ! PAM ! PAM !

Nov 25, 2010

Eat a Turtk and relax!...

Why ME ?! What's wrong with the stuff they eat on HANUKKAH ?...

Be thankful

This morning I received yet another death threat:

You are about to END

Message: YOu will go OFF. and We will live forever.

Die with your ANGER and unexpected things. ALLAH can stop who he wants from what he want.
on the other hand america's suffering financially shows how your money stolen from the land of Muslims given you by these useless kings is drying UP.

More FIRE We will see that TRUTH will Prevails and a STUPIDs LIKE SPENCEr will DRY up like a WET MUD.

And another:

If Muslims had the Chance

Message: A good example is North Koreas response to the agression of the south. they defended them selves and no body was in hurry to criticize them why..cause they know that They HAD N-Weapons.

If some Mulsim countries LIKE Palestine would have such chnace there would be no Spencer for sure.

And yet I live, and so do you. We are still, for the moment, free. I am able to write this, you are able to read it. With an Obama Administration repeatedly on record favoring restrictions on the freedom of speech, we should never take for granted that those who are threatened by Islamic supremacism and jihad will always be able to speak freely about that threat -- and that includes Americans as well.

So we must work hard to defend freedom, and to ensure that murderous thugs like the people who wrote me these emails do not prevail. Work hard. Make the most of every moment.

Give thanks today that you are free. Take a moment to savor all the things that make life worth living, and freedom worth defending. And then set out again to work, to do whatever you can, wherever you are, in whatever situation you're in, to turn back the tide of Islamic supremacist encroachment upon free societies everywhere.



I'm gona steal this JW stuff and stick it on my door !


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