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Nov 25, 2010

Now the Western Wall is an Islamic Waqf !..

Charles Robertson 1844-1891

The Muslims - not the Islamists - mean to take over every Jewish site in Jewish Israel. And the United Nations means to assist them.

The Palestinian Authority has recently issued a new and particularly brazen report in which it declares that the Kotel (Western Wall), the outer wall of the Jewish Temple complex which was first built by the Jewish King Solomon in 960 BCE, destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE, rebuilt again by Jews in 515 BCE - more than a millennium before the rise of Islam - is not really a Jewish site.

It is now, purportedly, a Muslim holy site.

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Palestinian Officials: Western Wall Is Islamic Waqf, We Won't Give It Up A Single Stone

Palestinian officials have condemned the decision by the Israeli government to renovate the Western Wall plaza.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said that the Wall is part of occupied eastern Jerusalem and that its historic, cultural, and religious characteristics must not be changed.

PA Deputy Information Minister Al-Mutawakkil Taha stated in a study he published that the Wall is the Islamic Waqf and an integral part of Al-Aqsa mosque and that not a single stone or grain of soil from it or from the other holy sites can be relinquished.

Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine Sheikh Muhammad Hussein said that Al-Aqsa mosque belongs to the Muslims alone and that the occupation will not manage to plunder the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem.

Sources: Al-Hayat, London, November 23, 2010;, November 22, 2010


Always On Watch said...


I can't believe my eyes as I read this post.

Will said...

Hi Alex.
One of the foundation stones of the Western Wall called the Western stone is one of the biggest one peace stones know to man Weighing 517 tonnes (570 short tons),only the foundation stones of the tempel of Baalbeck aka the Heliopolis (27 BC)temple are similar in shape and bigger seize.In the Roman empire, just a little over 300 metric tons seemed to be the limit for the transport of big blocks.So i can't imagine Muslims moving them,altough they might with their mouths.

Alexander Münch said...

It is interesting that you mentioned

As you know, King Solomon asked his Phoenician friend from the north, King Hiram, to assist him in building the Temple in Jerusalem with construction materials ( Ceider trees ) and craftsman.

This is the source of the similarities !