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Jun 30, 2011

Takiyya !

Takiyya !

Amin Abu Rashid, a senior Hamas official, among the participants in the flotilla. He also participated in the previous flotilla to Gaza and has stated previously that he wants to confront the soldiers. In the past was also in touch with the arch-murderer Mabhuh. The organizers tried to hide his participation in the flotilla
While the organizers the flotilla declare him as an humanitarian flotilla "Activist", more and more disturbing information is revealed about and their activities on the flotilla.
Today, we publish for the first time that one of the participants in the flotilla is a senior Hamas official - Abu Rashid !
Duch site ( Joop ) reporter Hasna Al Brody, wrote an
article explaining why she did not join the flotilla, which reveals new
details about the suspected presence of Abu Rashid.
The reporter says, that they reached the island of Corfu yesterday and asked the organizers of the flotilla to see participants names, but the organizers refused her request to see the list, which aroused her suspicions. She said that was not clear where the ship fundings came from and the organizers answered with foggy answers to her questions, even though they claimed to full transparency.

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