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Jul 1, 2011

Thank You GB !

by sheikyermami on June 30, 2011
Glenn Beck TV (June 29, 2011)

The final countdown, folks. One more show and that’s it. Say what you will, but GB stands heads and shoulders above all the talking heads on today’s TV.

Whatever you do, don’t miss …the final episode. Tell a friend, tell a family member…The Glenn Beck Program on Fox News Channel will officially come to an end today, as Glenn leaves his Fox studio and makes his way across Midtown Manhattan to do a special LIVE kickoff event for GBTV…sign up today!

What ever your taste in "Good Journalism" might be, or what ever opinion you hold on "GB show", you must admit, that he managed to cast a "Shadow of a Doubt" more then once on "Known Facts" and turned a few rusty wheels in you head !

Very well done - GB !

Her master said :- " Wash my feet and drink the water ! "
She said :- " NO ! "

Do you know the name of the background music ?


Will said...

Conquest of Paradise By Vangelis
was made for the movie 1492. With "La Bête Noire" of the French movie Gérard Depardieu .

Will said...

According to the Gulf News this latest beheading brings the number of executions in the Kingdom this year to 28.