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Jun 2, 2011

"Palestinian Jews"

If you search on Google :- "Palestinian Jews" , you will get this :-
But I'm interested in the other kind of "Palestinian Jews".
Watch the Videos below.

In the 20th Century western culture (Judeo-Christian) – represented by Jews who had been refugees for close to two thousand years and returned to their homeland, and Middle Eastern culture (Arab-Muslim) that had ruled the Middle East for an extended period – represented by Palestinians, came face-to-face. This was a very deep and intensive encounter between the two cultures, which unfortunately has taken a very violent path that today presents serious perils to humanity as a whole. Most of the energies of those involved emotionally or
practically in the conflict, are invested in hostile clashes, mutual
recriminations, self protection and self justifications.

After 70 years of violence in the course of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (1921-1991), a conflict that sits at the heart of the problems facing the Middle East, the two sides have experienced about 20 years of negotiations, parallel to ongoing violence. The only thing that this extended period of negotiations has achieved is an intensification of the violence and the suffering of both sides.

In light of this reality, all those who believe in continuing with the direction set forth by negotiations – a Two-State Solution, must answer the question – How many additional casualties, what higher level of suffering and how many new refugees are necessary, in order to understand that this path should be abandoned? On the other hand, those who are objecting to the above solution need to suggest an alternative that will provide the sides with a better future.

The only way to arrive at a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a solution that will make it possible to channel all the energy and resources invested today in the conflict and re-direct them towards rehabilitation, development and prosperity, is to get high enough above the conflicting narratives, to view the conflict in a better perspective that is afforded by examining the long-term history of the Holy Land. Only from this perspective can one see the real roots of the conflict. Only on the basis of the genuine roots of conflict, can one build a creative, just and lasting peace in the Holy Land. Moreover, from such a better-informed perspective, it is possible to create common ground for a Jewish-Christian-Moslem Culture that can move humankind forward towards unprecedented prosperity.

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