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Jun 15, 2011


The Interrogation :-

Q - What's your name ?
A - Ilan Garpel
Q - Your father's name ?
A - "Shark"
Q - Your mother's name?
A - "Eagle B66"
Q - The purpose of your visit?
A - The cage fight with a lion
Q - The "Mossad Lion" ?
A - No! The SPHINX !...


Egyptian Media:
Several Egyptian news outlets are running with the official version of events (the semi-official Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, for example, identifies Grapel as a "Mossad officer who tried to sabotage the Egyptian revolution"). They're also posting Facebook photos of Grapel in Tahrir Square and in his Israeli military uniform. But others are more skeptical. Al Masry Al Youm, for example, notes that "Grapel was posting openly on his Facebook page about his presence and activities in Egypt--hardly the remit of a super spy." Analyst Mohamed al-Gawady tells the paper that Israel would be unlikely to send Grapel on such a mission since "an exposé like this could severely harm the relationship between the two countries" at a precarious post-revolution moment. Egyptian blogger Hossam al-Hamalawy claims the arrest is a "cheap move" by Egyptian intelligence to paint "any public criticism against the military" as the "work of Israeli spies."


Alan Baker, an expert in international law and a former legal counsel for the Foreign Ministry, said it was within Egypt’s sovereign rights to arrest and try a person suspected of espionage, but that in Grapel’s case, the arrest was nothing but a way for the authorities to distract the public from other goings on in the country.
JP -


It became a tradition in the Arab World, to show " Mossad series " late at night during the month of Ramadan.
The next film is already under production ! Titled :- " Tantawi Vs. Bin Garpel "
Everybody does it ! Kaddafi, Assad, Nasser-Allah, Ajad, Abu-Mazen & Co. even the Turk - Erdogan !
Did you see the latest master piece? "The Valley of the Wolves - Palestine" ? Finger Lickin' Good !
Wait another two weeks for the Flotilla and you will see in 3D " The Muzomboids Vs. the IDF Mossadoids ".
Egyptians are known for their excellent sense of humor !
Your Mama.... Your President... Your MUHABARAT !... style...


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