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Mar 18, 2011

Zenga - Zenga !

I had a dream last night,

Since it is forbidden for Muslims to kill Muslims, It is the duty of the Crusaders to protect the Libyan innocent civilian population from the Genocidal Monster Gaddafi who has been proven to be a Jew any how !....
The world wide Islamic Solidarity, will continue to resist Allah's enemies by all means and protect the unshaken Arab unity and Brotherhood until the last Infidel's drop of blood !
The Tsunami of RAGE, which is flooding the Middle East these days with the blessing of Democracy and Enlightenment, will hit the shores of Alaska and New Zealand and teach the pigs and monkeys a lesson which they will never forget!
I woke up sweating and trembling to the near-by Muezzin's call for morning prayer ...

Allah Hu Akbar !

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