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Mar 3, 2011

Give them Tractors !

In order to help the young revolution in Egypt to get up on Democratic tracks, President Obama ordered his staff to come forward with suggestions and constructive ideas, how to assist the authentic representatives of the Egyptian people and boost their collapsed economic situation !

In a matter of hours, the team of egg-heads came with a solution.

Give them Tractors! They said.

So it was said, so it was written and so it was done !

After two weeks sailing, the USS "The Glorious JFK" arrived at the port of Alexandria in Egypt with 1000 green mechanical monsters on deck worth of $1.57M each !

On arrival, Mr. John Deer welcomed the authentic representative of the Egyptian people, the Imam, Haj, Ayatollah, Jihad Ibn Shahid Abu Itbah El Yahood !

After a short ceremony performed by 1000 'Baby's ass shaved Marines', Mr. John Deer invited the Imam to the first tractor near by.

You see Sir, John Deer started his presentation, this technological marvel has a 500HP engine ! 100 Tons Pulling power! Air conditioned driver's cabin ! Hydraulic steering system ! GPS ! Rear view TV camera ! High Fidelity stereo CD player with Um-Kul-Tum's full collection !

Very nice ! Very nice ! Said the Imam, but where do you harness the CAMEL?


Seems to be two asses, the second one is either pushing the plow or trying to fuck the camel.


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