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Mar 17, 2011

"Lefto - Zomboid" Females in BURKAS !

"Lefto - Zomboid" Females drive the Palestinians CRAZY !...

On Saturday March 19 we will accompany Palestinian Shepherds in the South Hebron Hills, and clean water cisterns demolished by the army

The Palestinian residents of the South Hebron Hills are continually harassed by the settlers and the military, in an attempt to drive the Palestinians away from their villages. Vast tracts of grazing lands are rendered inaccessible to the Palestinians due to settles violence backed by the military. The demolition of water cisterns by the Civil Administration deprives the Palestinians for the only source of water available at their villages.

This Saturday we will join our Palestinian comrades and help them reach the grazing lands, and clean some of the water cisterns which are a crucial part of the Palestinian villages' fragile economy.

For details and registration: Dolev – 054-8184467

Please bring a hat, water and closed shoes and don’t forget to dress modestly (no shorts or sleeveless shirts).

Please register in advance (preferably by 6:00 PM Friday)

Ta'ayush Jerusalem

See what Pamela had to say abou it HERE.

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Will said...

Somebody is cheating the're two women more then there are men!