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Feb 16, 2011



You just can’t make this stuff up.

In most Arab nations, women and girls have very little protection from sex crimes. Because Arab men cannot be held accountable in such countries for committing such crimes, an Egyptian lawyer is advising Arabs to rape Israeli girls. No kidding:

Since Sharia law allows for marriage of underage girls it’s safe to say that young children won’t be spared from this new form of "resistance.”

The evil these people are willing to stoop to truly is unbelievable.

Leave [Arab] land so we won’t rape you.

Egyptian Lawyer:

Rape Israeli Women and Girls to Drive Them Out

A despicable Egyptian lawyer calls for raping Jewish women in Israel in the name of "resistance" and as a way to drive them out of Israel.

The Middle East Media Research Institute [MEMRI], a watchdog site that tracks content on Arab and Muslim media, got an interview where an Egyptian lawyer [ironically a woman] Negla al-imam called for Arab men to rape Jewish women in Israel as an attempt to push the Jews off of the land of Israel. This is a new method introduced by an Egyptian lawyer for the genocidal war of extermination on Israel.

She called on Arab men to rape Israeli women and girls in the name of resistance, in order to drive them out. When asked about alleged sexual harassment laws in Arab countries, she said,"This is a form of resistance. In my opinion, they are fair game for all Arabs, and there is nothing wrong with " ...

When she was asked on what grounds, she responded,"First of all, they violate our rights, and they 'rape' the land. Few things are as grave as the rape of land. In my view, this is a new form of resistance".

Imagine if Avigdor Lieberman called for raping Palestinian women. I think we'd know that there will be a huge outcry. Since it?s an Egyptian lawyer calling for Arab men to rape Israeli women, I guess the world wouldn't make such a big outcry. There would be countless UN resolutions, more bash Israel UN summits and it would be reported on the front pages of the liberal mainstream media.

The point made by that lawyer was disgusting, abhorrent and despicable. It shows what a despicable women she is.

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