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Feb 11, 2011

The Pharaoh is Dead ! Long live the Junta !

Alexander The Great,brought democracy to Egypt in 322BC ! It was rejected by the citizens of Egypt !
The rise of Christianity in Egypt caused an end to the worship of Ra by the citizens of Egypt !
The rise of Islam in Egypt caused an end to the "Jihiliyya" and blasphemy by the citizens of Egypt !
Napoleon didn't come to Egypt with "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" ! He robbed the citizens of Egypt !
The Ottomans, burned Mummies in their locomotives !... Tut Ank Amun didn't burn well... So, they burned the citizens of Egypt !
Then, the British navy bombarded Alexandria and built the Suez Canal in August 1882. After WWI, The Brits kicked out the Muzoid in charge and replaced him with a faggot of their own ( on February 22, 1922 ), as it is known 'The First Egyptian Revolution" !... (They too, robbed the citizens of Egypt ! )
The "Golden Years of Corruption" ( 1922 - 1952 ) ended quickly. A "Young Officer" called Gamal Abdul Nasser, took the steering wheel and promised to the 30 Million citizens of Egypt, that he is going to feed them, he will bring water and electricity to every Egyptian house and with a little help from the Soviets, he will destroy the Imperialists and their capitalist slaves.


Misery, Ignorance oppression and the steady decline of the Egyptian Empire ( for 1,400 years ! ), were the 'daily bread' of the citizens of Egypt !

Finally - 11 Feb 2011 18:07

CNN-- Wild cheers in Egypt after vice president announces that President Hosni Mubarak has stepped down.

The Pharaoh is Dead !
Long live the Junta !
Viva La DemoHartaTortilla !


Always On Watch said...

Mubarak was corrupt in many respects.

But I think that Egypt -- and the world -- is about to get something much worse.

Unless, Israel can rein in the Muslim Brotherhood, that is.

Alexander Münch said...


Yeh ! Marshal Tito ( Ex Yugoslavia ), got his title from himself !...

He had :-

- His own island on the Adriatic sea.
- Hundreds of White uniforms with medals attached to them. Only G-d knows what for !...
- He used to go hunting in his private forest !... An NKVD guy was holding the poor animal with one hand and a pistol in the other!
( In case the Marshal sneezed while pulling the trigger!...).
- He owned an 80 foot whit yacht called "Golub" (Pigeon).
- He had a fleet of cars like a Saudi Sheik !
- He had palaces and vineyards in each Federal state or Autonomy !
- He had more 'chicks' then HUGH HAFNER !
- He was a Communist!
- His opponent disappeared at night !

Yes, Power corrupts ! But !...

- He said "NO" to Stalin !
- Tito was the only enemy which Hitler really hated !
- Under his rule, Yugoslavia was UNITED !

Look what is going on over there now !... 'El Kaida' in KOSOVO !!!
Most Yugoslavs have good memories of him !...