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Feb 14, 2011

Domino #3

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Always On Watch said...

We're seeing a sea change in the Moslem world. And it's not a good change either, IMO.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its kin are going to seize the power.

Alexander Münch said...


Change, ( the kind you and I are thinking about ) is impossible!

Egypt, for example, is made of more then 80% Illiterate analphabets ! They will always be the majority in any elections !
55% of the Egyptians can't produce enough food to feed themselves ! They survive on the leftovers they get from what the 3% American farmers produce ! Egyptian population, tripled itself in two generations ! They crossed the point of no return... a long time ago! Add to this the "Opium of the masses" e.i. :- The Sharia, fanaticism, family structure, fear from the ruler and other stuff and you got the most effective self destructive device !
They are doomed ! And the intelligent Egyptians know that perfectly well !
The lucky young Egyptians who managed to get some education, thinks of one thing only ! A young student put it this way :- "The best present a parent can give to his new born son, is a Visa to a western country" !

The concept that majority rules but it is their first duty is to guar and maintain the rights of ALL minorities !
This very concept contradicts their other principles... which are :- DOMINATION ! DIHMITUDE ! JIZIA ! SUMMATION ! SHARIFA (Honor) ! TAKIYYA ! etc....

Hey, I didn't mention da JUICE even once !