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PAM ! Pam-para,pam-pam ! PAM ! PAM !

Mar 19, 2010

Tomorrow the Sun will raise from the WEST !

Amnon passed his Driving Test !
I have a personal chauffeur !

Thank you my son ! What a present !

Merkava MK4
Mazda - 323

Dear Amnon,

So, 70 Tons Merkava MK4 is too heavy for you, right? So you have decided to go on Mazda - 323 "Light"!...

Since you already have a "Riding license" on a Donkey, ( I'm holding it in my hand right now!.. ), you are only one step behind from the "Mega challenge" of your dreams, to go "extreme" and finally 'go wild' on Roller-skates!... Correct?


Yeh! Tomorrow the Sun will raise from the WEST !

Driving license in Israel

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In Israel, someone 17 years old can receive a Type B license (passenger car, after the standardization of the Israeli driving license to the European ones). After receiving both a medical and eye checkup, (and paying a fee at the local post office) an applicant can take a 30 question multiple-choice test, and must correctly answer at least 26 of which. Before taking the actual driving test, they must receive at least 28 lessons at a certified driving school. After successfully passing the internal driving school test, the instructor will arrange the test, which will be taken in the driving school's vehicle. If someone fails either the written or driving test, they must wait at least two weeks before retaking the Driving test, and one day before retaking the written text, as well as repaying the testing fee. Once the driving test has been successfully passed, the licensing authority will issue a temporary license together with a payment voucher. Once the fee has been paid, the actual license will be sent in the mail. The total cost for all license related fees is around $900, increasing by $100 for every test retake.

For the first three months, the new licensee must be accompanied by someone over 24 with a license for at least 5 years, or someone over 30, with a valid license over 3 years. In addition, during the first two years, the new driver must hang a sign reading "New Driver" in black letters on a yellow background. Anyone failing to comply with these requirements is subject to be fined and tried in traffic court for driving without a license. If a new driver violates a traffic law, one may be required to retake the written and driving test.

Anyone possessing a foreign driving license residing in Israel for more than 12 months must convert their driving license. The applicant is required to undergo both a medical checkup and eye checkup. After applying at the local license authority office for an exemption from the written test and the requirement for 28 lessons, one is required to take one driving lesson, pay for a test at the local post office, and the instructor will arrange for an abbreviated driving test. If the applicant fails two such tests, they must pass the written test before retaking a thorough driving test.

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