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Mar 15, 2010

Allah-hu Akbar International !

Islamic Fanatics Linking Arms With Godless Communists

The phenomenon of our time.

How does such a thing happen? Are they "United in Hate"? Of what, exactly? Their world views are diametrically opposed.

So what, precisely, is it that brings them together? Hatred of what?

===" So what, precisely, is it that brings them together? Hatred of what? "===
David Horowitz, in his master piece Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left has the answer :-
"America is the biggest evil and anything or anyone opposed to America is good."
Capitalism was the mechanism and the tool which turned a bunch of "Mule Train Riders" to turn the vast land into the mightiest power the word has ever seen! Hard labor, determination, sacrifice and VISION made your land into what it is today !
The Green Poisonous Lizards like to call it :- "The Big SATAN !".
Now, look 11000 miles to your East. You will see a small dot in a size of a fly's dropping on the globe called Israel. Here too, hard labor, determination, sacrifice and VISION, made it to what it is today by "Train Riders" ... SURVIVING TRAIN RIDERS !
The local Goat Molesters like to call it :- "The Little Satan !".
In order to complete your education on the subject, read :- Mein kampf , The Protocols of the Elders of Zion & Hamas's 1988 charter
Oh, I almost forgot,
As you perfectly know, the world's economics, banking, industry, the media and the whole lot ... is controlled by the Joooooooooos !...
And the "Goat Molesters" know perfectly well, that each additional "round" will be DISPROPORTIONALLY more painful then the previous one!
But they still believe in the "Micro-chance" of getting an erection in next millennium...
Any how, Mohammad Goldstone's grandchildren will have a job for life!

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