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Dec 12, 2009

Just another week on the net.

Hi "Gang",
I have something better!...
A letter from "Hitler" directly to me !!
From:- Youth of Islam
Date:- Friday, February 06, 2009 11:47 AM
Subject :- The end of Israel
* Israel to steal Palestine in 1948, so the Palestine for the Muslims
* The state of Israel will come out or die because they do not want peace
* all the Muslims for solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Palestine
* Israel‘s army killed the children and returned defeated, and the role of Muslims came to drink the blood of the Jews
* Infiltration of more than 1330 fighters to the State of Israel, and said they would kidnap and kill some of the leaders of Israel if it does not lift the blockade and open border crossings and stop firing as soon as
* Jews kill children and women, why not fight them?
* Because the Muslims love death, many Muslims will go to Palestine to fight
Israel will die, die of Israel, because they want to live in Muslim countries
* It has become clear the weakness of the State of Israel, it is a house spider
* Rocket will fall on your head at any time
* Finally, do you work with us spy on Israel and guarantee you a high return for financial
See full e-mail here :-

AOW & Gang,

I know that Debbie Hamilton has stainless steel nerves ( and stomach ). I don't !

I give you my word, that I have seen and heard ALL existing human perversities!

Let us keep our Blogs "clean" from this yellow stuff ! Not because of our kids, but because of US!

I'm going to take a shower!

Alexander Münch | Homepage | 12.10.09 - 12:31 pm | #

Brooke & "Gange",

Stolen from JW :-

Dr. Mengele served many purposes at Auschwitz,he made selections of the newly arriving prisoners,those who could work to the right,
and those who couldn't to the left (gas chambers),and he performed "scientific medical" experiments.

The road sing to Mecca shows "Muslims - straight ahead Non Muslims - to the Right"!

So far - So Good you might say, right? ( If you work = You are liberated! )...

But, if you are a Non Muslim, ( Just a monkey... ), who took the right turn by mistake,there is a 'surprise road sign' for you ahead ... "Jews - turn left!". img1...tomecca13hm.jpg

Now, go and construct a cathedral in Mecca !...
( If you are suffering from terminal illness and unbearable pain, try to built a synagogue ! ... ).


Alexander Münch | Homepage | 12.08.09 - 10:14 am | #

dmarks ( #3 And last )

Thanks for the compliment! This comment will be "spot on" too !...
1 -
===" But I really don't think ( I'm waiting for a proof ! )
that the free world ( Free from what ? Since when ? Until?... )
should stoop ( Who is stooping ? Do we shout "Jesus is great" and slit a Mo?... )
to their level. ( What level? And why not ?!... This is the level they know !! ) "===
2 -
Keep Croatia, Serbia and Ex-Yugoslavia out of this context ! There is absolutely nothing in common between the tragedy over there and the "Developing Nightmare" we are witnessing in GB, Holland, France, Sweden and the whole Eurabia today !! See my Blog and learn why!...
AOW's Blog focuses on the impact of this phenomenon on the US after 911, Ft Hood, Cole, and 1000 others! So do I !
More to come !
Alexander Münch | Homepage | 12.09.09 - 5:44 pm | #

No, No!
The guy went to Somalia for Training for his new mission back home in Denmark !
He was told that he has 30 sec to run away after pressing the Button in his right pocket...
But THEY lied to him!~

Alexander  Münch
Nice piece of work !
I copied & pasted it "As IS" into my Blog!
Why? For the sake of History man !!
( I owe you one, S.H.C. !.. ).

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