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Jan 1, 2011

Paliwood presents !

" Israel was defending her self from a 2 years old child... not a joke !
it's really what she is trying to persuade the world and idiots only believe her. "

Bereaved Israeli Father Accused Of Anti-Palestinian Plot
Shalhevet lies dead in "Shaarei Tzedek" Hospital - Jerusalem

Bereaved Israeli Father Accused Of Anti-Palestinian Plot

HEBRON, WEST BANK - MARCH 28: (FILE PHOTO) EDITOR'S NOTE: GRAPHIC CONTENT Jewish infant Shalhevet Pass lies dead from a Palestinian sniper's bullet in this handout photo made available by the settlers' movement March 28, 2001, two days after the 10-month-old girl was killed and her father Yitzhak Pass seriously wounded in the shooting attack outside their family's home in the Avraham Avinu settlement in the West Bank town of Hebron March 26, 2001. A Jerusalem court remanded Pass and another settler in custody July 18, 2003, a day after they were arrested on what was reported as 'suspicion of security crimes against Palestinians.' The court also imposed a gag order on details of the case.

Photo: Getty Images

Jul 18, 2003

1 comment:

Always On Watch said...

Those Moslem animals take every possible opportunity to kill Jews -- children don't matter to Moslems.

The Israeli father did the moral thing by trying to avenge his daughter's death.