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Jan 7, 2011

If this Vid doesn't crack your heart, you are made of stone !

Ted Williams: Homeless Man with The Golden Voice No Longer Homeless


Ted Williams a homeless man with a golden voice is no longer homeless! It all started with a video which went viral since Tuesday with Williams panhandled for money holding a hand-written sign. (Click his name to watch the You Tube video that's turning Williams' life around with over 7.5 million hits since Tuesday.)

Homeless Williams has became an overnight sensation thanks to the Internet. He could well be on his way to become a sports announcer. In the video, he says he has a background in radio but fell on hard times due to drug and alcohol.

Ted has been offered a job by the Cleveland Cavaliers. NFL Films reached out to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, which profiled Williams, to hire him for voiceover work.

NBC's Today Show, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live and MTV are calling for interviews with Ted, a 53-year Brooklyn native. By midday Wednesday, Williams had himself an agent who was fielding an avalanche of job offers and media requests.

Ted got a second chance. What an amazing story for the start of the year!

If this Vid doesn't crack your heart - you are made of stone !


midnight rider said...

Oh man I've been following this a bit. Such a great story.

Alexander Münch said...


And I thought that I have lost the ability to weep ...