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Jan 29, 2011

I saw this movie before !


From CNN :- " Mubarak's best option is to offer Egypt a safe landing. He should lift the 30-year state of emergency, renounce his candidacy in Egypt's September 2011 presidential election and allow civil society to prepare for a free and fair election under full international supervision."

Let's assume, that Mubarak is given a safe passage to the "Leper Island" where he can watch the sunset ... and in September 2011 ( after free and fair !... ) election, the "Ikhwan" will claim their rights!

After all "The Egyptian people have spoken and their collective wish must be respected!"... The chief supervisor Peanut Carter will say...

What if, the "Collective aspirations" list, contains the following elements :-

- The Peace Treaty with the Zionist Entity is the source of Egypt's misery !
- "DemoSharia" was distorted by the infidel, secular Kufars and their collaborators the Copto-Zionists !
- "The Brotherhood" is the only answer to all the "Zionislamophobes" around the world !

Fuck ! I saw this movie before !


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