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Jan 2, 2011

Fuck "Google translate" !

UPDATE 1-Pope to hold peace summit with religious heads

* Pope to go to Assisi in October, invites other leaders

* Denounces violence against Christians after Egypt bomb

* Vatican fears exodus of Christians from Middle East

(Updates with calling of Assisi summit)

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY, Jan 1 (Reuters) - Pope Benedict, worried over increasing inter-religious violence, will host a summit of world religious leaders in Assisi in October to discuss how they can better promote peace, he announced on Saturday.

Benedict told pilgrims and tourists in St Peter's Square the aim of the meeting would be to "solemnly renew the commitment of believers of every religion to live their own religious faith in the service of the cause for peace".

He made the announcement hours after a bomb killed at least 17 people in a church in Egypt in the latest attack on Christians in the Middle East and Africa.

The Assisi meeting will take place on the 25th anniversary of a similar encounter hosted by the late Pope John Paul in 1986 in the birthplace of St Francis. Continued...

Stolen from HERE

newspaper in Egypt published an editorial today argues that the 'institution' ( In hebrew = Mossad ) may have its behind the attack in Alexandria that killed 21 people and wounded 24 others in a car bomb in front of a church in the city.

The paper raises questions and doubts about the person behind the attack and claims that Israel is always killing off innocent people contradicts Islamic law, perhaps she did this to cause sectarian split the Egyptian people "consolidated. "

Hebrew readers, see here :-

News agency Reuters in Arabic this week introduced a comprehensive study about the fate of Middle East countries in 2011, arguing that this year may be critical number of countries which will shock the entire region.

Research shows that states:
Iran - continue the nuclear program, the crazy inflation that comes at a dizzying pace, the Iranian elite conflicts, an uprising of the people - will according to this study a dramatic development.

Egypt - Egyptian regime Mmborac mutation to his son Jamal unemployment and inflation rising unrest among the people followed, signs of unifying the forces of the Muslim Brotherhood Muslim opposition movements. Saudi Arabia - a very large number of unemployed (18 million!) Causing al Qaeda to be very popular, the health of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Sultan 87 76 and uncertainty regarding a clear successor, which could delay the reforms that King is trying to do.

Iraq - chaos that only gets worse between Sunnis and Shiites, the final American withdrawal, unemployment, attacks that are made almost daily, and planning of many countries to get their hands on oil in Iraq after the departure of the Americans bring to a boil.

In addition to Yemen, with a crazy poverty (40% of 23 million!), Overcoming the extremists, the weakening of power, reduced oil output in the form of a severe water crisis.

Certainly not going to be boring in:-

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