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Nov 4, 2009

Fighters ! Not Terrorists !...

Israel detains ship loaded with weapons

Port of Ashdod 4/11/2009 ( Ynet )
November 4, 2009 -- Updated 1031 GMT (1831 HKT)
Jerusalem -- The Israeli Navy detained a ship loaded with weapons that was traveling about 100 miles west of the country's coast and headed to Syria, Israeli officials said Wednesday.

The ship was detained on Tuesday and was escorted to an Israeli port to be searched, an Israel Defense Forces statement said.

Authorities said the ship was carrying arms from Iran that were on route to Syria to be delivered to Hezbollah fighters in Lebanon.

Among the arms on board were missiles of various ranges, including long range, an Israeli government official said.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak praised the action. "This is another success in the never-ending battle against the attempts to smuggle arms and weapons that originate in Iran in an attempt to threaten Israel's security," Barak said.

CNN's Kevin Flower contributed to this report

See IDF photos HERE

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