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Nov 14, 2009

Choose Words Carefully

He was a crazy! It was "vicarious" post traumatic stress syndrome! It was "pre" traumatic stress syndrome! It was radical extremism! It was part of the tiny fringe! It doesn't represent Islam!

Ya, Ya ! One thing is missing on this list and it is the simple fact ( which very Gazan kid knows ), This plot was masterminded by the double crossing treacherous Zionist organization called the "Mossad M.G.B.T.H" (May God Bless Their Hands )!


Hi Gang, Let's play a game...

Suppose you are walking in Central Park N.Y.C with you earphones On listening to Vivaldi on the local FM Radio station. O.K.?
Suddenly,without a warning, an hysterical voice takes control of the air waves and starts screaming :-
" Breaking News! Breaking News! Live from The Time Square! 180 db blast was heard one minute ago ! Human organs have been seen flying in mid air all the way to Hoboken N.J.! We just lost contact with our reporter! More updates as they come in! Please continuo listening to our best Musical collection " ..... Vivaldi is back on the air...

Now, capture exactly what went trough your mind during the 7.45 sec of the Flash! Was it :-

An asteroid just hit the city of Boston and dislocated "Pier 4" to its new location in NYC.

The ship which the IDF abducted last week, arrived to New York with one forgotten container !...

The opening of "The New Mega Humus" restaurant in Time Square was a SUCCESS !


"Kabooooom ? It sound Hebrew to me !"

Now ! Look straight into my right eye! What really went trough your mind? Huh !...

, nor will our ummah be delivered.

I would love to 'deliver' your ummah...We have a first class dump where the ummah would be buried with the rest of the garbage...

Alexander Münch please take your Jew-hating elsewhere.

==== Alexander Münch please take your Jew-hating elsewhere. ====


You made three mistakes in one sentence !

1 - You linked my name with Jew-hating !

2 - You took upon yourself the duty of the battler of this site ! ( I don't think the Master will like it !... see photo... ).

3 - You didn't answer my question !

You didn't do your homework before writing this nonsense! All you had to do is click Alexander Münch .

Do not apologize ! Who cares ! You are forgotten already !

Your sense of humor is - NIL !


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