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Apr 5, 2010

Kissing Verboten!

Dubai: Kissing Verboten!

by sheikyermami on April 5, 2010

No kissing, we're Muslims!

I'm sure this will attract heaps of investors and tourists...

British couple jailed in Dubai for kissing in public lose their appeal, face prison

Ya Mustafa, use your tong !...

There's a very mild content warning on the video above, but the point of it is that a jihad against love and ordinary human interaction is very much a part of Sharia. Modern, moderate Dubai, the hope of Dinesh D'Souza, is becoming ever more strict in its Sharia adherence.

There Is No Fun In Islam* Alert: "Dubai kissing couple lose appeal," from the BBC, April 4, thanks to JW

Check this out:

"The couple's defence lawyers said the woman - who did not appear in court - had not seen the kiss herself, but had been told by her two-year-old child that the girl had seen the couple kissing..."

So they were convicted on the hearsay evidence of a two-year-old? It takes four adult, free, male Moslem witnesses to convict a man of rape, but the unsupported "testimony" of a two-year-old can send one to the slammer for kissing? Wow, that's some legal code! And it's what many of our rulers in the West want to install as a supplement to our existing legal arrangements. They've completely lost their minds.

Alexander Münch April 5, 2010 at 8:07 am

Ya Sheik,

Please tell me that you posted this stuff today by mistake!…
Your plan was, to post it 5 days ago, on April’s Fool's Day, right?…
Your dog ate your Calendar !…
There is no such thing as “Kissing Verboten”! Or, evidence of a two – year – old!
Because, Imbeciles of such a magnitude, DO NOT EXIST!


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