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Apr 15, 2011

Vittorio Arrigoni - Dead !

"Who benefits? This is the question we must ask first when something like Vik Arrigoni being kidnapped happens. The answer is, Israel; nobody benefits more than Israel" - Ken O'Keefe

(SALEM / GAZA) - UPDATE: Media sources are reporting that Vittorio Arrigoni was found dead and that the Salafist faction was responsible. His body was reportedly located by Hamas police officers. They said he had been kidnapped, beaten and killed. The video at the bottom of this story shows 'Vik' as he was known to his friends, in captivity. Possibly the strongest voice in the years-long struggle to free Palestine, 36-year old Vittorio Arrigoni, a journalist and activist with the International Solidarity Movement, was kidnapped in Gaza.

From what we understand, a Salafi Group in Gaza claims responsibility for the kidnapping. Later in the day, a youtube video surfaced showing Vittotio blind folded and beaten up. Salafi Jehadis say they are asking Hamas government in Gaza to release Abu Al Waleed Al Maqdisi in 30 hours starting from 11:00 a.m. today or else they would kill him. One person who knows the steadfast dedication of Vittorio 'Vik' Arrigoni is our writer Ken O'Keefe, also in Gaza, who stated the bottom line on this sad day.
"Who benefits? This is the question we must ask first when something like Vik Arrigoni being kidnapped happens. The answer is, Israel; nobody benefits more than Israel."

"So whether they are false-Muslims or agents of Israel, those that have Vik are serving Israel."

All journalists in Gaza, Vittorios friends here and his friends everywhere are asking Hamas to immediately intervene and release Vittiorio who worked hard to help Gaza for a long time. Arrigoni recently penned two stories for about Gaza. He has shown the world who he is, now the world needs to show Vik that they are with him. According to PalToday Magazine, Italian Foreign Affairs Office declared the loss of communication with one of their citizens in Gaza without mentioning names of confirming that its Vittorio, but its obvious in the Youtube Video shared earlier that its him.

Ansar Al Sunah "Salafi" Group in Gaza, declared their responsibility of Vittorio's abduction and said they will release a press release soon. Around 4:30 p.m. west coast time, it was tweeted that Vittorio was reportedly in the al-Dughmoush family block in Gaza, and the Hamas police were surrounding the area. Several members of the al-Dughmoush family are said to be associated with Salafist. This is a group that reportedly looks down on Hamas for not being sufficiently religious and they are known for a rejection of western influence. The only other thing to say at the time of this update is that there is no evidence or credible statements about Vittorio having died. There was a report of this published by al-Arabiya. They reported that he was found in the al-Saftwai area. However there is no real knowledge at this time as to his disposition. All indications say he is alive.

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