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Apr 15, 2011

I'm in-loved with Jameela ! We are going to have a lot of Babies !...

he is 'using Muslims'

A Georgia grandmother who says she sent state Sen. Greg Ball a Curious George monkey with a label saying it was bound for Auschwitz, cheap perfume and an anger-filled, anti-Semitic letter also laid claim Wednesday to mailing a bloody pig's foot to Rep. Peter King of Long Island.

Jameela Barnette, a radical Muslim blogger, said Wednesday she mailed Ball a box containing the plush monkey pinned with Stars of David and the letter (which addressed Ball as "Dead Man Walking") because he is "using Muslims to further his career."

"I sent it to let him know I am extremely displeased for his declaration of war on Muslims, which is what I regard those hearings as," said Barnette, a medical records consultant.

The package was mailed to Ball's Albany office, prompting a response Tuesday by nearby state police and the Albany Fire Department Hazardous Materials unit, who transported it to a a state Health Department laboratory for analysis.

Ball, R-Carmel, chairs the Senate Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committee, which convened last week in New York City to assess the region's preparedness for another terrorist attack. The gathering attracted criticism from some Democratic senators and community and religious groups. They faulted Ball for unfairly linking Islamic religious practices with America's security.

King spoke at Ball's hearing. He clashed with Muslims last month after organizing congressional hearings into the radicalization of Muslims in this country.

Capitol Police last week were investigating a package containing the pig's foot and a letter mailed to King's Washington, D.C., office.

Barnette, who has posted anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim writings on blogs and websites, said Wednesday "no one gets upset if someone burns a Quran" but everyone is offended if Jews are disparaged.

"I knew the Jews were behind the hearings. A monkey is a representation of who the Jews are," said Barnette, in explaining why she chose the beloved children's storybook character as a symbol.

The following is the entire letter sent to US Congressman Peter King, as claimed by Jameela.Original Letter Sent to Rep. Peter King Along with the Jew/Pig Foot

22 March 2010

Rep. Peter King
339 Cannon House Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20505 Asa Lamu Laikum You Dirty-white, Racist, Terrorist Dog,

NOTE: The rest is beneath the fold, the whole rancid, disgusting diatribe.

I am returning to you a Jew foot I found lying around in a supermarket. I know it belongs to a Jew because it has a cloven hoof, the telltale signs of a cursed Jew. Please return the enclosed pig foot to your Jew master you rabid, Evangelical dog of extremely low intelligence. I am sure the evil Jew's will return this pig hoof to Palestine for a proper burial befitting a Jew pig. The following Verse of the Qur'an proves that the enclosed pig hoof does belong to your Jew masters.

(Say [O Muhammad to the people of the Scripture): "Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah? Those [Jews] who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, and those of whom [some] He transformed into monkeys and swines, and those who worshipped Taghut [false deities]; such are worse in rank [on the Day of Resurrection in the Hell-fire], and far more astray from the Right Path [in the life of this world]".)

The future of America will be a bright, Muslim-friendly America, it will be an America where white bitches will name their sons Mohammad and those former, blond-haired, blue-eyed, bible-belt bitches will veil their dirty-white faces and the faces of their dirty-white daughters and all will be well. You deluded, cannibalized, Christian ghouls have three options and those options are as follows:

1) Admit defeat and embrace Islam
2) Admit defeat and embrace Islam
3) Admit defeat and embrace Islam

Now I invite you to kiss my black, Muslim-American ass if you can reach high enough you low crawling, deluded, ugly mutha fuckin ass-wipe of the Jews. Now report me to the Capitol Police as you did the last time you fuckin coward and I will give them Jew-worshippers the same invite I just gave you.

Kind Regards,

Messenger of Allah
& Defender of Islam

Our babies !

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Always On Watch said...

About that photo at the end of the post....The products of close inbreeding are hideous.

I suspect that such inbred individuals in the UK are supported more by welfare dollars than by their families' money. Am I correct?